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What It Takes: Words From A Current D2 Student-Athlete

I wanted to get some insight and an idea of what it takes to compete at the next level successfully, so I reached out to a family member of mine who is currently playing DII volleyball. I simply asked what are a couple things you would recommend to a high school athlete that is wanting to compete at the university level. A couple of things she recommended transition very well and are skills you can develop to make yourself a better rounded individual in life in general, as well as sports.


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4 Things That Won't Help You Get Recruited

Our job here at Custom College Recruiting is usually to advise athletes on what they should be doing to get their best shot at being recruited, but today we’re taking a little different approach. Today we’re going to talk about four things that definitely won't help an athlete get recruited by college coaches in the USA.


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The Basic Differences Between NCAA Division I, II and III Schools

A lot of times there can be confusion around the different “divisions” of NCAA institutions. Parents and student-athletes from all around the world often have their own preconceived ideas or definitions in their own mind, and many times this is largely based on half-truths, myths or complete falsehoods they may have picked up from unreliable sources.


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What To Do On Your College Campus Visit

If a student-athlete ever has the opportunity to visit a university and tour the campus, it can be one of the most exciting parts of the recruiting process. However, it can also be intimidating the first time around. In order to get the most out of your time on campus, like in sports, it’s best to have a game plan going in. Here are a few tips for making sure you not only enjoy your time but are able to walk away with a true feel for what the university can offer.


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3 Reasons European Athletes Choose American Universities

Making a decision that will affect several years of your life is never easy, especially when you’re an adolescent deciding which path to take after finishing high school. You could play it safe, stay close to home and attend a university nearby or you could take a risk and go somewhere far away. Both options have positive and negative aspects, and the right choice isn’t the same for everybody. As an athletic recruiting servicing, we’re a little biased. We believe new experiences help you grow as an athlete, as a student and as a person. These few years could very well determine the path you take for the rest of your life, so here are a few things European athletes should consider when deciding if an American university is right for them.


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Why Athletes Should Play Multiple Sports in High School

Focusing on one sport throughout your high school career may seem like the best way to keep your performance at the top of your game, but there are many advantages to diversifying your time between multiple sports. Whether you plan to continue playing at the university level or not, multiple sports in high school can do many positive things for you as an individual that may not be immediately apparent. Beyond improved athletic abilities, you will be forced to learn how to prioritize and manage different aspects of your life - skills that will help you succeed long after your high school graduation.


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The Hidden Benefits of Being a Student Athlete

Attending university means something different to everyone, but every student is there for the ultimate goal of obtaining an academic degree. For athletes, they get to do this while representing their school with the sport they love. And while sports recognition and a degree are great, there are several extra benefits student athletes receive as well. Below are five things outside of academics and sports you will gain from your time at an American university.


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What Does a “Scholarship” Cover?

In speaking with families from all around the world about scholarship opportunities at US universities/colleges, I’m frequently asked, “what does a scholarship cover?” It’s a very common question that can be confusing at times, but it’s not as complicated as you may think.


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Determining the “Right Fit” in a University

Every year the athletes & parents we work with ask us a variety of questions thoughout the recruiting process in order to best educate themselves on all involved. Often, these questions mirror each other, even if each athlete's recruitment can be completely different from one to the next. 


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CCR Announces Partnership with Basketball New South Wales

CCR is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Basketball New South Wales to be their Preferred Recruiting Service Provider!


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