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5 Tips For International Student-Athletes

by Coach Chris Goodman

International student-athletes have hurdles other kids simply don't have in the recruiting process. It's a tougher process across the board. Here are 5 tips for international student-athletes trying to get recruited and earn scholarships in the United States.

Know What Eligibility Is For United States Schools

It's important to know what the eligibility requirements are for different levels in the United States from a young age. Did you know you need a certain amount of core classes usually starting from grade or year 9? There are different GPA (Grade Point Average) requirements and standardized test scores for each organization. It's important to know what you need to accomplish in the classroom-although good grades are always important for success off the field.

Here is a closer look at some of the academic requirements.





Our CCR recruiting experts are well versed on academic and athletic eligibility for the United States. You can reach out to us for more information.

Find Out How To Become Visible And Get Noticed

How do you make a splash with coaches in the United States? It's a dilemma for many international athletes. It's also tough for student-athletes within the U.S. There are only so many scholarship positions available. Many covet the NCAA D1 spots. Unfortunately, many will fall short as those spots are limited. The good news is there are many other levels to get noticed at.

How do you get the visibility you need to as many coaches as possible. CCR offers a straight line approach. This means we put your profile, video and achievements directly in front of as many coaches as possible. This gives you more opportunities than you would have sending out individual emails, traveling to tournaments or participating in offseason sports activities.

Understand The Difference Between Levels

The levels can be frustrating as an outsider looking in. It can even be confusing for student-athletes in the United States. Knowing the difference can give you more opportunities to succeed in the recruiting process. Understand NCAA D2 is an awesome level to study and compete in is a major win-win for the potential college athlete and educational institution. NCAA D3 doesn't offer athletic scholarships-but this level can make up for it with grants, aid and other sources of academic scholarships. Whichever level you choose, be aware of the outstanding opportunities before you. The path isn't always littered with gold. Sometimes you have to take an unusual route to fulfill your dreams and destiny. You shouldn't overlook any level just because of the name. The same is true for the name of the college or university.

Figure Out How Much Money You Can Contribute

It's very important to know how much money you can possibly contribute toward your education over the next four years. Here's why. Many college coaches are handcuffed by the total amount of scholarship money they can allow per calendar year. Did you know if you can contribute more to a scholarship it actually might make you more recruitable in the eyes of a college coach? That's because they can extend more scholarship dollars towards athletes in need. This does sometimes play a role in the recruiting process.

Start Your Process Earlier Because You Need Extra Exposure

Don't hesitate. You should make sure you get the process started as soon as you know you are keen to the United States pathway. This gives you the ultimate chance for success. It gives you time to get your academics straight. It gives you time to build relationships with United States coaches. Time is an important element of the recruiting process. 4 years go by quicker than you might believe. It's crucial to gain a competitive advantage over other equally talented athletes as soon as age 13 or 14.

These are just a few tips on how you can make your own splash in the recruiting process. United States coaches aren't hesitant to recruit international athletes-in fact, it's kind of to the contrary. They are often more than willing if they know you exist and are willing to make an effort to make things happen. This is true especially if you have talent on the field and no academic issues.

Recruiting often comes down to visibility. Getting your name out there with a company like Custom College Recruiting will give you a competitive advantage over many other athletes with similar skills. You can reach out to us if you have any questions about the recruiting process.

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