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An Australian Mom’s Testimonial

by CCR Team



Jude is your typical international sports mom. Her son was interested in playing sports on the university level in the United States. The goal of the family was to provide as much help possible to make that dream a reality. The only issue-getting noticed by U.S. coaches when you live in Australia.

"We started this process in year 11 when he was serious and wanted to give it a go, which is too late in hindsight," she says.

That's an issue many student-athletes face. CCR recommends starting the process around age 13 or 14 to get maximum results. However, it's never too late as exemplified by her son's situation. Jude says she knew she needed to put something in place to get the ball rolling. So her family attended one of our CCR Australian seminars and loved what they heard from CEO Shane Howard.

"We had looked at a few other recruiting type companies," Jude says. "But CCR seemed the easiest, straight-forward, fairly simple to navigate, and we were pretty sure about what they offered."

Jude signed her son up with Custom College Recruiting directly after the seminar. She says one of the things CCR helped her family immediately realize was the need for certain core academics to transition to U.S. colleges.

"We made a couple of quick subject changes for my son to give him the best opportunity to meet all the requirements to get to a D1 college."

CCR never guarantees any results. Our company does work extremely hard to put potential student-athletes in the best possible position to get exposure to U.S. coaches. Jude says she noticed an impact right away in Year 12.

"He started getting emails from colleges all over the U.S. And we basically started sifting through them."

For this family, things eventually snowballed. Emails from schools on all different U.S. levels rolled in. Towards the end of year 12, the recruiting process really picked up. The emails and conversations were abundant.

"He was basically talking to a lot of coaches. I don't know how many, but he probably got, gosh, 100 or more...emails just showing interest to really keen."

The family went through those emails together. Some of the colleges and universities weren't an option. Some of the schools her son just wasn't interested enough in. Eventually her son was receiving offers. A decision had to be made.

"One of the hard bits was making a decision at the end," Jude says.

The family utilized CCR's years of experience to weigh multiple options. They leaned on Custom College Recruiting for advice about the difference in scholarship packages, divisions, and geography.

"At the end of the day it was really my son's decision. He sort of got it down to a few different colleges, different divisions. East or west coast, big, small."

The final results--a scholarship to a college in West Virginia.

"He made the decision himself based on conversations with the coach and what he was going to get out of the program."

At the end of the day, his dreams to compete and study in America did become a reality.

"The main thing we got out of it was the huge exposure to thousands of colleges," Jude says. "I couldn't imagine doing all of the work myself. I don't have the time or resources to do it. For the cost, which is what people are maybe looking at, I think it was really good value for the money."

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