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Do You Have The Skills As An Athlete From India To Play At A U.S. University?

by Coach Chris Goodman

Do you have the athletic ability to play on the next level? Are you an athlete from India who plays sports? How can you turn those skills into a U.S. scholarship?

Not everyone can be Virat Kohli from India. Kohli had made an estimated $22 million playing cricket through 2017. Just like in the United States, those athletes are few and far between. Most need another option and that usually centers around getting a great education.

Maybe your goal is to possibly study abroad and play at the college or university level in the United States. There are limitless opportunities to compete in the United States after high school.

You may have seen the movie Million Dollar Arm. It's about cricket players in India being scouted and recruited to play professional baseball. Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel won a contest and eventually both signed to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. They actually both competed in the javelin event in track and field. The two are shining examples of just some of the hidden sports talent in India.

"If you're afraid to be challenged, then you can't have success," Singh says of his adventure to the United States to play pro baseball. "That's what my journey has taught me. Don't be afraid of doing something new. Don't be afraid of doing hard work."

Were you aware that college and university coaches in the United States also seek out great athletes for positions on teams? These coaches can offer scholarships. They probably won't be traveling to India with a contest in mind. That's because college and university coaches in the U.S. have to stick to a budget. Still, they want to find the best athlete possible for their team.

Many international students come to the United States each year for athletic and academic scholarships. Sometimes it's a combination of both. You have to be a solid athlete in your individual sport. The college or university has to field a team in that sport. Soccer, basketball and field hockey are sports where United States coaches do offer scholarships. Wrestling, track and field and tennis are examples of some others. The important thing is you make coaches in the United States aware of your abilities on and off the field.

A recruiting company like Custom College Recruiting can help illustrate your best attributes to coaches around the United States. Do you want to make sure you get noticed? Are you hoping they see your ability to compete on a higher level? Are you wanting coaches to to see you can excel on the court/playing field and in the classroom? CCR tries to paint the complete picture of who you are to each college/university coach. This means they will realize how you can perform athletically and academically before you ever get to America.

The recruiting process starts very early for many student-athletes and coaches. It's not unusual for an American coach to start recruiting potential athletes at age 13 or 14. This allows the coach time to see that individual athlete grow and develop. It also allows the coach the opportunity to develop a relationship from a younger age. Each coach wants to know if a specific player will be a good fit for his or her team. They want to have conversations with young student-athletes to see what they are all about. Will they fit in a team environment? Are they going to be coachable? Will they be able to develop into a collegiate level player?

Many athletes in India are very dedicated to whichever sport they choose. It might be cricket. It might be tennis. Many are also very adept at studying and transitioning into the academic environment. Does that mean you have to give up sports? Of course not. Many student-athletes from India excel in both sports and studies.

The bottom line is an education could be mostly or partially free thanks to your athletic ability-if you can showcase your skills and find a U.S. scholarship.

Do you have the skills to compete with kids in the U.S.? If you do, you'll have an opportunity to earn some serious scholarship dollars to very nice universities and colleges in various U.S. locations. You might make a home wherever you go. You might meet your significant other there. You might just take your degree back to India. For many student-athletes, it's a journey well worth taking. You can reach out to us today for more information.











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