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Four Reasons Why University Sports In America Are Right For You

by CCR Team

You have thought about the possibility but haven’t seriously weighed your options yet for playing sports after school. Have you considered playing university sports in America? Here are 4 reasons why that opportunity just might be your best fit if you're an international athlete.

You Want To Experience a new Level Of Play

You’ve excelled in your early years at your sport. Now you want to compete against some of the best athletes the U.S. has to offer. Competition brings out your best. You want to see just how far you can take your game. And if that comes with a scholarship that pays for most or all of your tuition-that’s just an excellent bonus.

The great news is all your hard work at your sport can carry directly over into your professional career.

"Everything that made you a success at your sport is what will make you a success in any endeavor if you call on it," said former Duke basketball player Sue Gordon.

You Like To Explore

Playing sports in the United States gives you a chance to travel to other venues. This means you’ll get a chance to most likely see some of the famous cities of the United States during your college career-which doesn't include getting to know the area where your school is physically located very well and perhaps eventually calling it a second home. You’ll also get to explore a diverse culture and many potential areas of study. If you are adventurous, the U.S. sports opportunity may be a perfect fit for your personality. Perhaps you are shy and trying to break out of your shell. Playing sports in the U.S. also helps you meet many new people and forces you to be quite a bit more independent.

You Want To Be Part Of Something Larger Than Yourself

You want to experience competing in a team environment with like-minded individuals. You realize the entire experience of playing college athletics will only bring you closer to teammates, coaches, and produce life-long friends.

The NCAA conducted a study in 2010 on what the student-athlete experience meant for those who went through it. They asked student-athletes to finish a sentence with one word. "The best part of my student-athlete experience is _______."

23% of those surveyed used the word team. Another remarkable 17% said friends.

"Your teammates experience everything that comes along with the sport right next to you," says Libby McCusker. McCusker participated in Alpine Skiing at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. "From the glorious moments of taking pictures with medals and trophies to the endless 6 a.m. wake-up calls and early morning practices where you sprint until your legs give out — they are next to you through it all."

You Like The Mix of Athletics and Academics

You love the balance of playing sports and then hitting the books. Sports helps you get away and breathe after tons of writing and studying. Maybe studying gives you a great breather from the hard exercise that accompanies sports. You enjoy what both disciplines have to offer and you feel it makes you a more rounded individual. College courses aren’t easy in the United States. Neither is playing sports on the college level. You thrive at multi-tasking and have for years. The best thing is you are up for the challenge.


These are just four reasons that might provide further incentive for your future education and playing opportunities. The college and university experience in the United States can be amazing. Many international student-athletes choose America for the ability to keep playing and studying in a great environment. Some want to finish with a degree and no or little debt. These are all possibilities while competing as a student-athlete.

You can find out more or reach out to one of our recruiting specialists for more information.