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Getting From Point A To Point B: How International Student-Athletes Get Scholarships

by CCR Team

How do you get from Point A to Point B in the recruiting process? First, you have to determine what Point A and Point B are, respectively.

Point A

Point A is where you are currently at in the grand scheme of the recruiting process. This could be a number of things.

You haven't started/are waiting.

You don't know where to begin.

You have weighed some options.

You have made some calls/emails.

You have tried but failed to communicated with U.S. coaches.

You have communicated with coaches with little success.

Point B

Point B is where you want to be ultimately with a successful recruiting process.

Your destination school and coach offers you a scholarship.

Several schools & coaches have offered scholarships/you have a decision to make.


What can bridge the gap between Point A and Point B?

Let's start with visibility. Can you get noticed by the coaches. You are the student-athlete. The coach is employed by the university. The coach has several gatekeepers who can possibly block your attempt to communicate with him or her. This could be athletic secretaries or assistant coaches. They might delete your message, never deliver it or put it in a large stack of other similar messages. A college coach gets many inquiries on a daily basis about scholarship opportunities. Since there aren't many scholarships available, the number of student-athletes always heavily outnumbers the potential actual landing spots.

Does The Coach Have The Time To View Your Info?

Now comes one of the more frustrating parts. You've pushed the send button or you've dropped your DVD in the mail. You figure this will be good enough to showcase your or your child's talents. However, the coach has time restraints on his/her schedule. The coach has practices, games and camps to attend. They also are busy analyzing game tape, designing new plays, and meeting with school administration. They also have public appearances to make. A coach also has to make time for his/her own family. Does he/she ever get to that stack/pile of emails or phone messages? Does the secretary or assistant coach act as a buffer and decide what is ultimately important and not important? Do they simply push the delete button on the careful email you have constructed? That's all it takes for your efforts to go unnoticed.

The good news is college coaches in America are very interested in finding talent if at all possible.

"We recruit from different countries to enhance our program both on the field and off," says James Madison Field Hockey coach Christy Morgan. "With all of our recruits, we look for people with great character and with a passion for life and sport. Internationals come with a variety of experiences and knowledge, which we can all learn from."

That means there is interest. What's truly important is figuring out a way to get your message/profile to as many of the United States coaches as possible.


How Do Your Bypass The Buffer/Roadblock?

How do you get your message through to the coach with the least amount of obstructions? This is what Custom College Recruiting excels at. CCR is a trusted resource by many college and university coaches on many different levels across the United States. This means our message isn't viewed as just "any" message from a kid or biased parent hopeful of obtaining a scholarship. A coach doesn't want to miss our communication because the talented individual we submit has already been evaluated, is a good academic/athletic fit and is most likely eligible. It takes away many of the questions a coach may have to decipher on his/her own. They can instantly access an extremely polished highlight reel with accurate information about what that individual student-athlete could bring to the table for their team in the upcoming school years. It simplifies the process for the coach and even provides honest feedback on whether the individual is capable of playing on their respective level. Does that mean the coach will immediately reach out to that particular student-athlete? There are many variables involved. Are they recruiting for that particular position for that particular school year? Do they have a particular skills set in mind for that position? Did something on the video catch their eye and keep their attention? That's the ultimate goal of what we do. Custom College Recruiting wants to not only catch the attention of as many coaches as possible-CCR also wants to make sure the visibility is so rampant that potential opportunities are abundant.

CCR bridges the gap between Point A and Point B no matter where you are at currently during the recruiting process. We can customize it to fit your individual needs and recruiting goals. You can reach out to us today for more information or answers to your questions.




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