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How International Student-Athletes Can Find U.S. Scholarships

by CCR Team

How can an international student-athlete connect with United States college and university coaches? How can they find a scholarship to compete on a higher level? That's often what athletes and their parents in other countries hope to accomplish in the recruiting process.

It's a lofty goal but it's simply not an impossible task with the right research, support and hard work. The most important element of the recruiting process for international students is just getting noticed. International families might believe that task is impossible. They might possibly believe it's conversely really simple. They might believe it is anywhere between.

The Do-It-Yourself approach could lead to less opportunities and ultimate disappointment on the recruiting trail. That's because it's very tough to reach out and contact a high number of college or university coaches on your own. Maksis Uškāns, who utilized Custom College Recruiting, says it seemed overwhelming even attempting to do the process on his own. "As I realized I wanted to pursue this path way, I started to look for more information about it. I soon realized that to do it all by myself is the cosmos." Uškāns found a home at New York Institute of Technology using CCR.

College coaches have buffers or gatekeepers. This keeps excess noise or distractions away. Unfortunately, coaches do often get bombarded with videos, emails and regular mail expressing interest. They don't often have the time or energy to reply. They have a lot of obligations to fulfill as a head coach. This means the time you utilize putting together these self-made marketing materials might just go to waste. It also means the postage might be wasted.

International student-athletes might opt for a more straight line approach. That's what Custom College Recruiting helps with. College and university coaches can see what you have to offer directly from a trusted resource. They aren't opening mails or returning calls-they're just checking your complete portrait out on a smart phone from the comfort of their office, home or travel bus. What CCR also does is to provide that visibility to a high number of college coaches. We don't just target a small group because of a lack of time and money. CCR allows as many coaches as possible to see who you are and what you might be able to bring to their program. It's more efficient and allows you to get more visibility across the board to way more people who could potentially offer you a scholarship.

Can you ultimately get a scholarship through this process? It's a distinct possibility if you are working hard at your individual sport to improve on a day to day basis. There aren't any guarantees with Custom College Recruiting. We want to give you the best exposure possible to college and university coaches. Will that make a difference in your recruiting process? We've helped many international student-athletes in similar situations find great "fits." That's what it's all about. Finding the best fit for your individual needs. The United States has a lot to offer for prospective student-athletes. Why not push forward on your journey?

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