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How To Get An A+ In U.S. Recruiting

by Coach Chris Goodman

Have you ever considered college recruiting to be the equivalent of an academic class? You wouldn't probably know how to do algebra in high school without a teacher. You might not be able to fully comprehend chemistry without a professor. So it's completely normal that you wouldn't understand the full complexities of recruiting without the help of a recruiting expert.

You've made the decision to compete at a higher level. You want that opportunity to happen in the United States. Maybe you already reside in the U.S. or are seeking that opportunity from abroad.

Your goals are similar. You want to have the best opportunities available at the end of your search if at all possible. How do you get an A+ in the U.S. recruiting process? You could certainly try to tackle the entire subject on your own. You could look up recruiting advice on the internet. You could weigh through tons of information and some misinformation. You could ask friends and coaches what they are doing. The only hitch is not every solution fits every individual. Each potential recruit has their own individual process. The recruiting process is different for every single person. So if you do decide to make a go of it on your own-will that truly give you the information you need to pass with flying colors?

Here's the deal. Custom College Recruiting has been helping international student-athletes for nearly a decade. The help comes in several clear cut forms. We provide resources, advice, and an unmatched amount of visibility. This helps provide you and your family with the tools you need to potentially be successful. Does Custom College Recruiting promise or guarantee a scholarship? Absolutely not. We do promise to provide as much exposure as possible to the thousands of opportunities to study and play sports in America.

Many come to realize that the recruiting process can simply be an overwhelming task. It takes time, money, and plenty of studying to do it right. CCR can not only help teach, educate and inform you of the process-we also take it another step forward. We make sure as many coaches as possible are aware of your existence. Those coaches will know vital information about your athletic and academic ability. As a trusted resource, CCR also can get coaches to notice what you do and how it might apply to their individual team. This can make all the difference in the world in your individual recruiting process. The bottom line is we want to help give you the best shot possible at making a splash in the recruiting process. It might be the quickest route to acing the next test of your athletic career.