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Is Your DIY (Do It Yourself) Recruiting Approach Going To Be Enough?

by Coach Chris Goodman

You haven't been through the recruiting process. You still believe you have the tools and knowledge to get everything done. You are trying a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) recruiting approach to help your son or daughter get a scholarship in the United States. It's great to be proactive in the process and get your name out there. Will it be enough to get ample opportunities? Are you truly giving your son or daughter the best possible opportunity they can get?

Take Jaelyn Withers for example. He's a four star college basketball recruit and still isn't getting as much attention as he'd like. "My main goal is to get my name out there a little bit more," says Withers. "A lot of people still don't know about me." If a 6-8 talented individual from the heart of America isn't getting a lot of looks, just imagine what it's like for international athletes to try and get noticed.

A DIY recruiting approach can and has worked for many families. Families who are diligent and work hard can be successful with a little luck, great effort, and a big budget. Maybe you'll send out multiple DVD's to multiple coaches. How much will that cost? It could add up to a significant amount quickly. Maybe you're spending all your off hours emailing coaches a hyperlink of a video resume. Will the coaches even open the email? Will they download the video for fear of a virus if they do? Will it get lost in the shuffle? These are the unknown variables with the DIY recruiting approach. What about the academic side of the equation? Are you prepared with the right core classes? Do you know which standardized tests you need to study and take? Do you really have someone to turn to to talk with about what you actually need to be doing? You'll also have to find a way to separate yourself from the pack.

Dalton Daddona, recently recruited to play football at Penn State, says it's tough to make yourself stand out. “When you get up there, there will be 10 kids who are just as good or better than you are,” Daddona said. “So you have to find a way to separate yourself.”

Custom College Recruiting helps you get noticed and stand out in a very efficient manner. Your profile and video go directly to most coaches in all levels. This gives you the most opportunities you could possibly have. Some coaches might not be interested because they don't have an open scholarship but others may jump at the chance to recruit you. The more schools you send online resumes out to-the more your chances increase of landing a potential scholarship. We're also always here to help assist you with any questions you have on the academic side of the process. We offer prep for important standardized tests with our services. We help edit your highlight video. These are things that give you more time to do other things-such as attending games, events and just taking time to relax.

We would never tell you a DIY recruiting approach may not work for you. It very well could. Elite athletes who are already well known may do very well with this method because they are already being hounded by coaches.

However, what we do opens many more doors and allows many more eyes to see who your son or daughter is as a complete portrait. We help them get noticed where they may not be otherwise. That ultimately gives you the best shot at getting exposure from afar. The DIY approach may not be enough if you don't have the time or energy to sustain it long term. Many parents often give up after a few rejections. The Custom College Recruiting process continues at a steady pace and allows you to continue getting noticed throughout your high school/prep career. You can reach out to us today to find out more.

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