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Why Choose Custom College Recruiting To Help Your Recruiting Process?

by Coach Chris Goodman

You might have reached this column because you have asked for more information about Custom College Recruiting. A recruiting specialist may have sent you a link to help provide you with answers to your questions. You could just be surfing the internet looking for reliable information about athletic recruiting in the United States. It's important for parents and student-athletes to get the information they need for guidance in the college recruiting process. Questions such as, "when do we start?", "what do we do first?", and "how can we get our son/daughter noticed?" are important to you and so many others. That's because the window of opportunity in the recruiting process is very brief. Four or five years moves by so quickly. In that span of time, athletes and parents need to consistently get on the radar of coaches, begin to build relationships, work on their individual skills and ability, and prepare from an academic standpoint.

Your high school coach probably isn't going to be able to provide enough tutelage. He/she might not even be versed with the entire recruiting process in the modern era. He/she has a team to coach. They probably also teach several classes. They have their own family to attend to. You need to get the information as quickly as possible to make sure you maximize your opportunities. So who do you lean on for the information and guidance?

Custom College Recruiting has been providing guidance to student-athletes for nearly a decade. We help athletes get noticed by college and university coaches in the United States. The most important element of the recruiting process is visibility. How do you get consistent visibility and exposure? Our team of experienced recruiting professionals helps you get exposure you wouldn't ordinarily have in a Do-It-Yourself approach.

We also provide plenty of education to assist you along the way. We help you understand what you need from the often neglected core academic side. We also walk through what you need from a standardized test perspective to make sure you are eligible.

The bottom line-our team helps student-athletes find more opportunities for scholarships in the United States. We have particularly excelled in helping student-athletes in the international markets find U.S. scholarships.

Here are a few links to our blogs to help you along your journey.

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Our ultimate goal is to help each student-athlete reach their individual goals of competing and studying abroad in the United States. Not every dream-nor every result will be the same. We never offer a should always be weary of those that do.

The good news is there are many different opportunities available each year at various colleges and universities. The sooner you kick off your recruiting process-the more potential opportunities you may have access to. Knowledge is definitely power in the recruiting process. Getting a competitive advantage and exposure in the early going is also a common element of future success.

CCR is always here to answer questions you have about what needs to take place and how to position yourself in the best way possible to earn a scholarship. We'd love to have at least a brief conversation with you (the student-athlete) or your parents to make sure you are on the right track. You can reach out to us today for more information or answers to your questions.







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