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Would You Still Attend A University If You Weren't Playing Sports? The Definitive Question

by Coach Chris Goodman

The biggest question a potential student-athlete can ask in regards to their college decision has nothing to do with sports. In fact, it has everything to do with the other factors surrounding their potential campus and environment they'll have to live around for the next four years.

Would you still attend a University if you weren't playing sports?

It's a question well worth asking. Being part of a sports team can certainly isolate you from other things around campus. It doesn't, however, completely remove you from the most important things a school has to offer. First and foremost, a college or university is for an education. Custom College Recruiting CEO Shane Howard and Director of Sport Aaron Seybert often stress that social and academic "fits" come well before the athletic "fit" with any collegiate decision-making process.

Each student-athlete should remember that even the word "student-athlete" has the word student in the forefront. It's not "athlete-student." This just means you have to enjoy what you study. You need to have a major you appreciate and can thrive in post graduation. It means you have to seek out a degree that will help you in the long term. It isn't even relative to what you are accomplishing on the sports field/court/arena. The academic portion of the entire college equation should always be a major component of any decision to attend a university. Do you like large or small classes? Do want a big or small school? Do you feel like the school has your major or minor? Can you see yourself fitting in socially? Will there be enough things to do on campus and off campus so you don't get bored? What makes a college campus tick?

Collegiate sports can be an absolute grind. That means you'll need to be away from practices and games at times. You'll need to have time to study, relax and just decompress. It's also important to emphasize the academic portion. Without good grades, you won't be able to compete anyway. Your coach will be forced to put you on the bench. Academics are everything in collegiate sports. You could possibly be kicked off the team with failing grades. It's that important. That's why it's crucial you find a school you can envision being at regardless of sport. You should take away the entire team dynamics and see if you still feel the same way about a campus and environment. It could help you make a very wise decision about your college choice. It's often a definitive question for those who are trying to pick between two or three great choices. It's also a guide on finding a place that will ultimately keep you happy in the long term even when your team isn't doing so well.

What factors can help you choose a university? Should you build a target list? What is the most important element for you to pursue? You can certainly contact Custom College Recruiting to have a brief conversation with us about the recruiting process.

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